Your favourite anime?

Heya guys, I’m just here trying to get a conversation because I’m bored as heck.

So, what’s your favourite anime?

So here are a few answers I want you to reply with in your post.

If you watch anime

  • Your favourite anime and why
  • Some good anime suggestions
  • Your least liked anime
  • Your anime list if you got one
  • Your waifu :3
  • Your favourite character

If you do not watch anime

  • Your favourite TV Show or series
  • Favourite movie and why
  • Some movie/series suggestions
  • Your favourite character

So that would be the requirements in your post.

As if I were to answer to this post here would be my response

Hey, so basically my favourite anime is Assassins Pride because it’s an anime full of action and magic. Holds a few genres in one which makes it awesome.
Some good anime suggestions would be: Bleach, Seishun Buta Yarou Wa, Beastars, Kimi no na wa, Fairy Tail and Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator.
My least liked anime would be Boruto because it’s just too childish, I got no idea how people like it.
Hehehe now for the fun part, my fav waifu would be Mai Sakurajima (Mai-San), as for my favourite character in anime has not been yet decided :cri:
Here would be my anime list

Well, I would be glad to hear your responses, do not hesitate :smiley:

I think this would be more suitable in #community

My fav anime is beyblade, heros academy, dragonball Z, or pokemon, bc they are awesome!

The least liked anime is hmm. Well alot of them i dislike so yeah

My fav character is anybody who is a boy LOL

I also watch tv and i like “The Umbrella Academy” :smiley:

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My top favorites would be angel beats, no game no life, and attack on titan. I like the story of them and they make me go yes.
Anyone who thinks they watch more anime than me come fight me

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I like…
The Bride Of Chucky: Childs Play. >:)

Yes, I like scary stuff… :confused:

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I thought you have to be an adult to watch chucky…

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I watch more anime then you :3

Was attack on titan good? Would you suggest me to watch it or was it boring?

I watch a minimum of 5 hours of anime each day

Attack on Titan was pretty good, while in the beginning it might be confusing the story develops really well. The last season will be coming soon as well :D)

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Lol i watch 12 hours of anime 3 hours of working and other stuff

But dont take it as me being lifeless xd

Get some sleep xD

4 hours is quite enough

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Dang dude, how many episodes per day can you even finish? I look up to you I wanna be a weeb.

Sono chi no sadame c;

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I watch hemitcraft 7 I guess

one punch man and attack on titan