Worth selling 2D art?


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Hi there!

I don’t really think these would be sold for a good price if you tried to sell them,

for example; the images below, i was told can only sell for 250 (I drew these)


You could be make more money by selling gfx many people are finding gfx artist and they earn more than 2d arts because they have no reason to buy them

Yes, GFX is a wonderful way to get money. And I’m a GFX Artist myself.

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Wow I always been amused of gfx artist about how they make stuff so nice what do you use? Is there a spplecial app for gfx?

I use Blender and Photoshop, nothing too speical.


Sorry for late response, I was only gonna charge 200-500 robux. My artstyle is simple so I don’t expect too much.

200 - 500 Robux? the advertisements are one good method of atraction when are drawings, So is ok.