Woah! - ConnectDev

I’m feeling pretty epic today, nice to meet you all. :cowboy_hat_face:

Don’t hesitate to contact me, there are no :badger: in my private messages!


Hello, what should I call you?


You can refer to me as Ben! Nice to meet you, rushknight!

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Yeah. Hello, Ben. Seems like you joined ConnectDev today.

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Welcome to ConnectDevs! :slight_smile:


Hey @dan, thank you, I feel very welcome!


@rushknight, yeah I saw this site advertised in a few places here and there.

Hey! Welcome to ConnectDev! Make sure you read The rules.

And hi I’m Kermit. You can call me Eli.

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Howdy Eli, hope you’re having a great day!

As per my badges you’ll notice I have read through the rules, attended to the tutorial provided and this functions all in the same way as what it does as a DevForum member so this won’t be an issue for me.

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Hey! Welcome to the ConnectDev community. If you need anything dm me or @Mason or really anyone in are staff circle, hope to see you have a great time!

Hey Ben!
Welcome to ConnectDev,
Myself, our @trial_mod and @Gavin are here to help you if needed.

Thanks for stopping by!

Greetings @Ben

We hope you enjoy connect dev