Why should I open source

idk why but why should i open source stuff.

but if I open source something skids will claim that it’s theres

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Put your work under one of the few choices here: https://choosealicense.com/.

It will generally protect your work from other claiming it’s yours, that way when it comes to it, you can contact roblox to take it down if you have a problem with that project.

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i don’t know if you can license stuff on roblox since when you open-source something on roblox you are basically forfeitting your rights to it, you forfeit the right to enforce copyright

if you want though you can host it on github since roblox can’t use your code in ways that arent allowed by the license, since when you make something on roblox you allow them to use your ugc in certain ways but they cant do that if it’s hosted off site

You can still license stuff, just Roblox themselves can do as they please.

You aren’t understanding, when you open-source something on Roblox you just can’t enforce copyright over it anymore especially due to the license you give Roblox. But if you host it offsite you don’t give Roblox any implicit permission and you can better enforce copyright.


That is something I’m also afraid of.

P.S. It’s ‘theirs’ and not ‘theres’

You can actually copyright if you do not make the asset on Roblox like this guy did on Dev forum

Just indicate your copyright notice wherever the user can procur your script or asset. Since this is not really on Roblox’s property, his copyright notice stands and Roblox’s does not override it. I use this for some of my open sourced scripts. I might be wrong on some stuff, I’m not the best on these type of stuff. Feel free to correct me.