Where do I find my Trust level?

Okay here we go I prob missed it because I’m blind (I’m kidding) how do I check my trust level I’m prob tl2 but do you guys know how to find it?

Trust level 2 is ‘Member’, trust level 3 I believe is ‘Regular’, I believe you’re trust level 1 - which is ‘Basic’. Also, if you’d like to know more about trust levels, review the descriptions in #forum-support.

Go to you profile and click on the expand button far right

Yeah I’m blind 🤦 thanks Gavin! I like profile pic it’s look slick (I tried to act cool I’m prob never going to be cool)

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Hey, don’t say that! You’re already cool. :smiley:

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New member is tl1 right

I believe so! See here:

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