What's Your Superpower?

  • As a Developer or Content creator what is your superpower are you good at editing, scripting, building or any others?
  • How do you use this superpower to help people?
  • And what do you want to improve or fix about your superpower?

Answer all questions above, also stay safe during covid-19!


I am a really fast learner when it comes to scripting! I don’t have anymore downs but to make sure people don’t make my old mistake here’s what not to do.

I was always a good reader so the WIKI helped me learn a lot about the api! I was wondering how I can put code together and then I realized everything I learned goes to one script, for example when I first learned UDIM2 I learned UserInputService and Lerping so I kind of experimented and made when you press Q a GUI lerps, basically slowly and cleanly moved to another position and closes the GUI!


I learn by myself and when i need to learn an new content I learn very fast.

The first time what I started developing I remember what I hardly knew the basics of Roblox Studio and seeing what one has advanced today is incredible. That always served as my motivation. Some of my builder life :slight_smile:


first of all I’m enjoying making people happy by making some cool gfx but sometimes I haven’t got that much free time as it should be !


My superpower is losing at Tower of Hell.


Quite the same for me

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I am good at scripting and programming and a fast learner I believe, i am trying to learn python and it’s been a month now, and i am able to create discord bots, manipulate external databases like mysql, ms access, mongoDB many libraries like tkinter, pygame, pyqt. I am currently making a meme generator to make memes or edit text on a pic easily. Also trying to learn javascript, css and html for front end and it’s easy because I already know most of the html basics and css is just easy. Javascript was also easy to catch up because it feels like a combination of java, python and lua.

I like to be outside of my comfort zone which most people hate doing.

I help others by sharing my knowledge on these online forums and gaining too.

The only thing sucks about me is my attention span fluctuates, I can do a single for 24 hours without getting tired at all and sometimes I would take 6 hours break for a single thing. Maybe it depends on my mood.



my superpower would being too smart.

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My superpower is being normal