What motivates you to develop?

What is your motivation to do (whatever you choose)?

My Motivation for Developing...

I develop because I know that hopefully one thing I make will reach someone and make them happy.

So, what is yours?


What motivates me to develop is knowing that someone may appreciate and love my creation once it’s finished.


I just do developing because it teaches me great things and is better than doing math.

Developing would also be a motivation to me as it’s my hobby and I have nothing else to do.


Heh, yeah, a lot of people have gotten a lot of free time during quarantine.


I like to see my fans scream and rage.


Hehehe, me too lol

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When i was like 5 years old, i wondered how people create games, i wanted to create games for fun, and make people have fun, when i was 7-9 years old, i was already trying to think about game projects, still didn’t know how to script, i didn’t even know that Roblox was a thing, around 2018 i noticed that you were able to create your own games, i thought you would need to pay Robux or something like that, but no, it’s free, and i started to practice with free models, kits, open sourced stuff, and also (sorry for doing it) using stuff from uncopylocked/hacked games :frowning: . The next year, i started creating my first game similar to jailbreak, which was cancelled because i wasn’t ready to create the game, later i tried to create a bear like game, now i’m trying to bring my old ideas and merge them in a game.
Thanks for reading.


Don’t give up mate


I don’t appreciate that if you mean, the way they rage quit…

I like learning about how stuff works, and I also like developing because I always hope that sometime something that I make will become popular.

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My w a l l forces me to work or it will drop the roof on me, lol!

Just kidding, my motivation are my fans!

What motivates me, Is that I have over 100,000 likes on one game. So If I make a new game, My audience would be excited to play It, And how we have a large community.