What happened to the plan change?

its been a long time since its been announced, so i just wondered why the website is still connectdev.discourse.group and not connectdev.org!


I wish the same you do-

As we are lacking activity currently, I don’t think it would be a good idea to switch to that plan for multiple obvious reasons.

I am not speaking for the staff team but I can inform you on some reasons it has not changed yet to the other official link.

First off, it costs money to change. If they were to pay that fee it would be useless as there is a lack of acitvity in this forum.

Second, activity here is really less compared to before.

I really hope we can start gaining new members in any way possible and thrive to http://connectdev.org and help as much users we can in our community. Soon, we will grow larger with adverisements.

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