Web Design For This Site

I think the web design should be a little bit more unique and not like the devfourm. Cuz to me it’s almost the same. And maybe avoiding a DMCA idk. Just my idea. Up to u.

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What are some of your suggestions?

Maybe like more rounded ui. I can’t think of anything of the top of my head.

I’ll look if I can find any themes for it. This was all default because it’s Discourse, same site that DevFourm uses to host it

Yea my friend just told me lol.

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I think this is possible, maybe a custom background would look nice, there’s a discourse forum using it:

Isn’t that just dark mode of this tho?

I do not think that is the case for the image. It’s a custom image background of one of CrazyBlox’s maps with a coincidence of white text, which is what Conejin was talking about:

maybe a custom background would look nice

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Agreed. That’s just changing the color.

I dont think so, a custom background would be bad for that site

I think it would look nice, maybe like a custom background feature?

Thats your opinion I cant say anything to that

At the bottom of the image, there is lava, leading to the conclusion that it is most likely a custom image.
If this forum were to use the custom image feature, it should probably be a white background with the logo.

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With the custom background u can pick anything off of ur pc/phone

Thats not a good idea I think

I believe the goal of this website is not to fully steal the idea of the original DevForum, so adding small details like custom backgrounds would bring out the creativeness to it.


Also. It’s free you don’t have to read 100 post and 2 hr read time

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With that though, you can bring in bots and other accounts you would not want, especially if/when the website brings more people.

I could look into finding a custom background that suits ConnectDev without making the site feel messed up and crazy.

Maybe a script background?