Ways of saving data in roblox studio

How do I save data?
I want to know a few ways to save data.
(I hope I’m using the right grammar)

What data do you mean?

Inventory, and leaderstats.

In roblox studio? You mean like the scripts stuff

Yes, in roblox studio.

Well I’m not a good scripter but there’s replicated storage. And there’s a topic in Dev forum which have almost 2k post read it!

Datastores are the only thing, I’ve ever found you can save with.

You can save your data with datastore or external apis.

I’d recommend using datastore since its supported by roblox. You should learn about it on developer api or tons of tutorials out there

After learning about this you should check out Datastore2 as it’s a safer, more secure way of saving data with almost no data loss

I have used external apis, datastore, datastore2 and you should learn the datastore by roblox first then try datastore2

Datastore, Datastore2, or Profile Service.
I use Datastore2, but it’s pretty weird.

The only way of saving data through Roblox is via DataStoreService (only possible to save strings to the database*) or sending HTTP requests to remote servers via game.HttpService directly.

* Anything saved to Roblox’s DataStores is JSON encoded internally, so in the end it’s always a string that’s saved.

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