Va1k | UI Designer + UX Artist


Professional UI Designer + UX Artist

Hello there, I am va1k, a professional UI Designer and UX Artist who have been doing UI designing and making sure all UI is user-friendly and easy to use!

I have been designing UI since 2016, here’s are all the software I use to design:

  1. Framer
  2. Sketch
  3. Affinity Designer

Here’s are the person/group I worked for in the past:

  • Frappe
  • Frizzed
  • DregSystem/vRansomware’s SCPF
  • SCPF: Revival
  • SamIsAcidic
  • ephuriaI
  • Italian Republic (owned by CapColton)
  • MMS Developer

I am also, in fact, a programmer, I know Lua, C, C#, C++, Objective C, Swift, Kotlin, Dart, Rust. (my scripting commission not opened though :eyes:)

There’s actually more, but I don’t have time to surf around my files :smile:

The samples above made you want to hire me already? Here’s the pricing:

I charge by two methods:

Per hour

4500 R$ per hour (not including taking a rest, etc)

Per asset

Minimum price: 740 R$


:warning: Disclaimer!

Please make sure you have enough funds to pay me. Assets that weren’t paid can be sold by me.

An additional 25% will be added into that month if you are unable to pay on-time (excluding special cases)

Discord: va1kio#2870


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big up va1kio love ur stuff

I wish I could do that LOL

Man, you are pro at this stuff.

Good luck, I’m sure you will find some great customers!

Sorry for saying that but it seems like theese arts are copied because in some of them it says (OnlyTwentyCharacters) at some of them it says (nikogls) please give any proof that theese arts are yours

OnlyTwentyCharacters is a placeholder text, like lorem ipsum.

A proof would probably be my devforum posts, but some of them are only available for members so /shrug.

Nakogls is my past username.

Here, if text can’t prove anything

I can confirm his/her past user was Nakogls

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~Black Is Beautiful~

Hey, this looks amazing! I’ll definitely reach out to you when I need a UI designer. Also, quick question - how do you get the sections and stuff in that format? It’s a neat design and I’d like to try something like it out sometime.

Via software, I use Affinity Designer for making the sections.

Wow! You’re so talented in UI and programming languages I would hire if I’m Roblox I would rate your work 999/10

Yeah, me too. I’d be getting commissions left and right if I could!

Wow thats amazing! Keep doing the good work!