UI designers: What UI are you working on?

My name is lexi and I love seeing people’s satisfying UI designs. Send your best ones below! Other users may be able to give you feedback or give you merit on your work!

I’ve been working on my own UI for my Juice bar,
It has dark mode, a store, music system, report system and neat animations.

Show me your designs below!


But there’s no icons fake Ariana grande


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Working on a dashboard UI.

Love the UI @lexi! It’s clean, too. I’d recommend adding a bit more detail to the buttons, though!

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Can I see it pls

I am lexishh, and this isn’t a free model lol.

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Message me on the devforum, I’ll reply.

It isn’t a model, you are probably talking about SuiteUI.

I was CorruptEquality on the Developer Forums, But I’m permanently suspended

Message me on Twitter then. @lexishhlol


Edit: Done.

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:o you have a juice bar?

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eyes give me the link, I have one lol and I need devs

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I’m working on shop ui. I’ll post the image of the ui, later.

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hey @dan and @lexi i would pay top dollar for those.