Tired of Scammers? Read this

I’m Metamorphist(aka, kayden)
I created this post to ensure the safty of ROBLOX users :grin:

what are scammers?
Scammers are bots that join roblox game linking a site that is supposedly suppose to give ingame stuff including robux, limiteds, and clothing.

These are all scams, do NOT trust any
of these website links as they are made to take
your information and accounts.

You can help ROBLOX remove them by:
reporting the bot ingame or on search
Send bots user to a admin using messages
set up a team for your game to ban the bots
turning off your ingame chat
adding a anti- to remove the bots

Scammers cannot give ingame currency or items, there is only 4 ways to get ingame currency.

Stay Safe!
Make sure to stay safe by staying home and be 6 feet apart in public! Make sure to always wear a mask and avoid touching stuff thats in public!

ConnectDev is new! Make sure to support them by following the rules, making reasonable posts good luck! Hope this helps with your career!


In any case of getting your account scammed/hacked, 2 Step Verification is a very secure method to protect your account!


Indeed it is a good start,

If really not sure or fake even tho everyone one of them are fake if it ask for verification ask it gives like sign in this to get free iPhone that’s 473% fake unless that use captha the one that shows pics

This can be bypassed with some ROBLOSECURITY cookies, but still a good step in the right direction.

Just make your password 815532 characters

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I wonder if roblox has a password character limit.

Maybe i will :]

I want 50 step verifications

Lol don’t it’s going to be a pain in the butt


Lol, true that tho

I was hacked once on April 4th, 2020. But, I sent roblox support about this and they got my account back. I’m still wondering how I proved I’m the owner of the account, since I only sent ‘I’m right now trying to prove it’s mine.’ on the email

How did you got hacked?

I don’t know. But, what was shocking was that the person who hacked me was my friend.

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If you had a email connected to the account, They know that Email Is Yours.

No. The hacker changed my email. And also they told me to get the code when you buy robux.

Oh, That’s not good. :confused:

But, still I did got my account back.

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