Tips for low poly builds

HALO! Thanks for coming I’ve wanted to build a low poly builds for a while now. Pls leave in some tips this can help some poeple too

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Sorry you haven’t gotten a response yet, I did some digging and found this post:

Hope it helps!
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What if he is under 13 or does not have a Verified email?

He shouldn’t be on the site if he’s under 13 and anyone can view those topics.

That isn’t true.

Alright, didn’t know.

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Actually, what do you think about all those cafes linking dev forum bulletin boards for their recipe system or sum stuff like that. Outsiders must have access to it.

Hallo Kayden srry for late response I am been away for a while I am 13 year old and I’m in Dev forum and have a verified acc in roblox