Taking scripting commissions

About Me:
I’m a versatile scripter capable of overcoming (almost) any challenge you present to me! I have about 3 years of scripting experience; I’m like your handyman scripter :hammer:

Scripting: 8.5/10
Animating: 6/10
UI: 4/10

Weapons (Guns, Melee, and other weaponry)
Datastore (Leaderboard, currency, shops)
Monetization (Game passes, dev products, etc)
And much more! (Simulator, tycoon’s, and other small things that you might need!)


Small Scripting Commission (>1 day) - 500 or less Robux
I will do scripting for you that will take me less than a day and be could just a few minutes-hours of work!

Normal Scripting Commission (2-6 days) - 1500+ Robux
If you have a more complicated commission that I need to do that would take me longer, then this would be the pricing.

Advance Scripting Commission (7+ days) - 5000+ Robux
If you have a big scripting commission that will take a week or longer then this is the payment I would require.

Contact Me:
This is my discord: OneWish#0023
Send me a friend request and I’ll get to you when I can!

By animating, I assume you mean actual animating, not scripting animations, right?

I can script animations, and animate regularly with rigs and stuff but not super well…

Will you show us your work? So, like in photo or video.


Cool! I recommend posting images, links, or GIFs of your work when you reach the rank of ‘Member’!