So, how about some QA?

Hey there!

I would like you guys to point out random pertinent facts about the world or anything related ot multiple choiced question/answers.

Let me go first.

What’s the fifth letter in the Alphabet?
A. D
B. E
C. A
D. F


The correct answer is C.
Hehe might have got em!
Fifth letter in “the alphabet” would be ‘A’

Now it’s all on you to make your QA post!
Can’t wait to see your replys!

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What is 1 + 1?

A - 3
B - 3
C - 3


The correct answer is 4. This question is so hard, even albert einstein couldn’t solve it.


Hm…Will you explain why the answer is 4?

Hmm, I don’t know myself. Only my school does since they tought me it. :slight_smile:

You all are doing it wrong ;(

You’re supposed to write a question with a set of A to B answers with a details Arrow explaining the answer.

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Isn’t it suppose to be b?

T1 H2 E3 a4 b5 (15 chards)



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Nevermind I just realized