Selling a Daily Rewards system!

About Me

Hi, my name is 0therw0rldly, and I’m a scripter! I’ve been scripting for around 6-8 months - honestly don’t know. I’m a semi-advanced scripter.

My Product/Service

I’m selling a simple but effective daily rewards system - touch a part, a gui pops up, you click claim, you get some cash. If needed I can convert the datastorage system it uses to datastore2, or change how you get the reward, etc (for no extra price).

Gif here:


This system costs around 1k Robux to buy (group funds only, please!). Negotiable, though.

Contact Me

Please contact me through ConnectDev - in PMs (private messages/messages!)

Uh, isn’t 1k a little high of a price

We can negotiate a lower price if you want.

this is so easy to script lol there are even videos on this

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Didn’t use a vid :open_mouth: But yes, this is more for non-scripters.

non-scripters can watch videos

True, but some may just want to make a quick purchase. Anyways, if you don’t want anything to do with it, you don’t have to keep arguing here, thanks!

it is faster and cheaper to watch a video so i dont get why ur tryna make robux when they can just avoid wasting time by going to a video

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