Scripting Discussion

I was just wondering about other scripter’s/programmer’s workflows and how they accomplish their tasks, feel free to reply about how you usually program.

I created this post for programmers/scripters to chat about new features, bugs, preferences, accomplishments, etc…

More Questions
  1. Do you prefer front-end or back-end developing?
  2. What programming languages do you know/wish to learn?
  3. Current projects?
  4. What is your goal as a programmer/scripter?

Usually, I go into a baseplate and start coming up with ideas on how to make my players rage (hard obbies, scary games, etc).


Awesome, I normally like to mess around with scripts until I find something I like then make some-what of a game from it. Right now I am interested in constraints and physics.


I like modular programming.
Most of my solutions to problems are modular solutions, so it’s easy to edit if I don’t like the feel, and it’s easy to built up opon.

Also, I hate object oriented programming. I usually never make a OOP based system unless that’s the ONLY way, mainly because debugging is hell.


OOP sometimes feels unnecessary to me, I wouldn’t say I hate it, but it isn’t my favorite way.


OOP in lua is a nightmare.
I only really enjoy coding OOP when I’m programming in moonscript or similar languages, as it makes it way more simple.
For instance:

class Class

It’s that easy to create a class in moon.
Creating a class in lua however:

local Class = {} = function()
local class = setmetatable({}, {__index = Class}
return class

return Class

and I’m not even sure if I did that right
and don’t even get me started on inheritance


During scripting websites or games, i usually would try to remove the scripting i dont need from my mind to clear up space for thinking of what i do need, after that is done i spend about 1-28 hours working on a set of about 13 scripts for the game and websites, after that i get to the main scripts which will take 24-80 hours, after that i build the items add scripts to them and then mess around with advertising and just go offline and rest, hoping to come back to success.


I’m a backend scripter, but I know a bunch of frontend things - just gotta get good at them. Once I do, I’ll definitely prefer front-end. I’m currently working on around 6 - yes, 6 - commissions. These commissions range from superhero-type games to simulators. Also, my goal as a scripter is to get to the point where I can script complex things such as guns with recoil and cars without having to use a reference. Lastly, I accomplish my tasks usually by breaking down what I have to do and then doing them in order/in the way they should be done.

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:laughing: Some of the most rewarding games are the ones that make you rage, the reward is when you finally finish a task in-game.


I prefer front-end/gameplay programming. Even though I am interested learning more back-end programming, I like to be able to create the game and not focus on security and data structure.

What do you like about back-end developing?


What would you consider as front-end?

Also, it’s not that I like it a ton, it’s just that I feel that I’m better at back-end than front-end. But, would you consider this spaceship front-end, back-end, or both?
If I was better at front-end, I’d focus more on that.


Your spaceship is most likely front-end, back-end developers create data structures, API’s, security, optimizing the application response time. Front-end/gameplay developers create the visuals/the gameplay


Hm, I guess I dabble in a bit of both, then.


I like to dabble with the visuals, since you need to see threatening stuff to be scared from it.


I prefer doing the backend stuff as I am mostly a backend coder. I already knew languages like lua, C, C#, C++, Objective C, Swift, Dart, JS, TS, Kotlin, Rust, PHP, Assembly. I am currently doing commissions and making some opensourced libraries for my own stuff and for others.

My goal as a programmer would be to create something that is useful and of course, opensourced.


As a solo developer lots of new ideas always pop inside my head. Usually I write them down, and decide which ones to implement into my game. I like to think of things in a broad kind of manner, and I like to keep my scripts organized. I have tons of module scripts, for me it just makes it look cleaner.
Currently I know Lua and C#, I’m working on 2 projects, one with the roblox engine and the other with unity. By 15 I want to move on to the unreal engine and learn c++.


Currently none of scripting teachers in roblox are trash, thats really sad best way to learn scripting for game devs search “Math for game developers” on youtube I follow that tutorials and I can say its best way to learn game developing on roblox, also learn basic roblox lua with it you can learn it on roblox Devhub :+1:

I really agree OOP is best way to make programming simple :+1:

I’m actually saying the exact opposite.
OOP, whilst it is a good programming style, it’s not the best, especially for non OOP based language’s like Lua.
OOP doesn’t really make code cleaner whatsoever, it just adds classes, which in some cases is good, and in other’s it’s just easier to not make it OOP baded.

Currently I am working on a few projects.

I have lost confidence in my scripting skills so I am forcing myself to create a roleplay game to prove I can script.

I am also working on a giant free asset library for developers!

My goal as a programmer is to keep learning. And currently I know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Roblox Lua.