ROBLOX Waterfall Showcase 1947

This game was created to represent a view of a extremely realistic waterfall, i think i exceeded my building/scripting limit in this build, the place is not opened yet as i am decreasing bugs and lag, i spent 3 days on this, i recorded a 3 second video and added music from Inshot, my editing app for videos, check them out its awesome!!!
[Sound effects are from ingame]
[Every plant and the water has a movement]


Grayscale was used in the game to give it a 1947 look

Game opening October 30th


Wow that’s gotta be so coolll can’t wait lol

That doesn’t seem real xd… do you have the game link?
or it’s just really good

The game isn’t out yet, we encountered high lag and bugs, their being fixed, after awhile the water glitches, we also are adding more stuff

So yeah, it’ll be out soon tho!