Quickest to make and profitable types of games?

What do you guys think is the quickest to make type of game that’s also highly profitable?

  • Obbies
  • Tycoons
  • Simulators
  • Other (say it in replies)

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Obbies with tons of gamepasses :wink:

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Lol yeah, I guess. Mega fun obby is a good example. It’s easy just to vibe in and it’s made millions of robux.

Simulators make a lot more than Obbies.

True, but they’re not too quick to make either. Tycoons are quick and profitable, so I think it’s tycoons - that’s my opinion on it.

Simulators are quick to make you just need a good idea

I guess, yeah. But if you really want to make it good you have to put a lot of time and effort into it.

Scripting wise simulators are easy, you just need to make visually appealing maps and ui

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My honesty opinion would be cafes.

As almost all simulators ideas are all taken and even if you were to create your own simulator concept it would most likley not be so appealing to the community.
As for obbies from what I see are filled with poor users that just play it and rarely get users with robux that are willing to spend on it.

If you took the concept of a cafe, you can implement a simulator system where you can unlock pets by serving users or make an XP system by serving people and level up and get ranked in the group by a bot.
The cafe genre has a big diversity and can support many different genres.

My cafe has made 2.3k robux on the week I opened up. Note that I had 0 experience on how to run a cafe and spent 7.2k on ads. I also did not have any past experience on how to manage a game.

Yes, I did not make my revenue back but I gained staff and members committed to the group which will help me thrive further.

If you are asking yourself about tycoons, well I have the same opinion as obbies.

This is just from personal experience and opinion


Probably simulator or games like adopt me they make big bucks gurenteed