Pinleon | Scripter, UI Designer, Builder

Right now this is just a showcase, so I’m not getting hired unless I want to.

Want a datastore? You got it! Want a shop gui? You got it! Want a map? You got it!

Who am I?

I’m glad you asked! IAmPinleon, and I am offering you my development services! I came into the wonderful community known as Roblox in 2017. I played a lot of games, then I decided to get Roblox on the computer, and well, I guess I thought “Maybe I should develop…” and here I am. On May 31, I started development. Blah blah blah, ok done.

What do I do?

I do scripting, building, Ui designing, GFX designing and more! I don’t get hired for some, like GFX designing.

How should I pay you?

Long-term job = %
Commission = any other type of payment.

And that’s it!

Hope this topic gets pinned. Sorry I have bad puns, I’m as funny as a lion. Wait. Pin, lion. Pin Lion! :pushpin: :lion:


Do you have any pictures or videos of your work?

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So, @Pinleon can post only one image of his work in this post.

Not right now, this topic is a WIP.