[OS] Modified Boombox With Randomize Audio ID

You can modify the audio id’s inside the server script.


Use roblox API or math.random to do that thats all I can say

Yes, also this is open source so feel free to take it and use it/modify it.

Wow thanks you’re a great guy

Thats on roblox… not on the model.
Roblox approved the audio after all.

Great release!
If this just uses math.random, you might want to try checking the asset type so you know it’s an audio, and not a model or mesh.

Not sure what you mean, the video i linked is the model i also linked?

Good idea, but my version just has a already made list of ID’s so they should work, but you can always add an extra feature to check for volume to see if the audio is still valid.

tl;dr im a retard

I replied to @Noob because if a inappropriate audio is getting played, its on Roblox, not on you.

The traditional radio UI is good, but I think it would help make your model stand out if you added more modern UI, with more diverse color and no transparency. I also think it would be better if you positioned the UI in a less obtrusive place like the bottom left corner, because players may want to keep the tool equipped even if they aren’t focused on it.

If I remember, I’ll create a more modern version of this.
I’ll put it below your reply when done.