[OPEN] Scripting Tutor

About Me

Hi, my name is 0therw0rldly, and I’m a scripter! I’ve been scripting for around 8 months - I don’t know how long exactly. I’m a semi-advanced scripter.

My Product/Service

I will tutor you on either:
Basic scripting (ex: really beginner stuff like if statements, Instancing parts, etc)
Intermediate scripting (raycasting, data storage, etc)


1k Robux per lesson (group funds are preferred). If I have to go during a lesson, we will resume once I get back (no extra charge ofc) - first lesson you get half off :stuck_out_tongue:

Contact Me

Please contact me through ConnectDev PMs. If you’d like to see some of my past work, I will show you there!


Vouch, Verified Dev and developer for a 124k group

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not bad. :slight_smile: your doing well ima recommend you.