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I saw this on the Roblox DevForum and was quite sceptical about it but it seems safe enough if a lot of people are on it.


Oh wow! Is that the real AlvinBlox? @AlvinBlox

No, he is an imposter.

I’m just warning you our site is being raided with NSFW, please flag anything you see.

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Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 9.48.54 AM

Alvin Blox clearly stated he would not be using the site on the devforum post.

Also, why did I get a PM from @Seth asking for me to PM them on the DevForum?

Excuse me? Want me to PM you on the DevForum then? You cannot just say i’m an imposter just like that…

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A way to verify your Roblox account (e.g via including certain text within your profile description or About etc.) could potentially prevent impersonators, would it be easy to implement?

Some sort of automated verification system.

I’m unaware how to make this but I may talk to my friend who has made a bot for it.

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Mason why Seth account is deleted if you search him or tag him you can’t actually find his account


he requested it to be deleted

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Oh no! Why? I mean he is a good guy