Need Testers

About Me

Hello, I am @rushknight. I’m currently working on a plugin and a game.

Services I’m looking for

I will be needing three testers to test my plugin(or game) before I release it.


I am not currently paying right now, sorry.

Contact Me

Discord: rushknight#4296
ConnectDev: @rushknight(recommended)
Instagram: knightdevelopment


I will test it. Could you send me a link?

Yess! I can test your plugin what is it?

I will send you both the link this week.

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What platform do you use, may I ask?

Who do are you talking about?

Whoops, I meant @rushknight, sorry for not specifying…

Roblox is the platform I use.

I will test your game, but i only can be on it for 5-12 hours.

You have more time than me.

Life alone you depend on games ;-; LOL JK, i am not really busy alot

I can test. :smiley: