My Portfolio for work (i can indeed work for free)

A About Me

Hello! I am Ic2i/ tam2435. I am a 14yo scripter.

I have been programming on the Roblox Platform for about 4 years, and programming in general for 3 years.
I am currently fluent in Lua, and (somewhat) Javascript.

What can I do?

  • 3D Model
  • Bug fixing
  • Add mobile and console support
  • Game passes
  • Datastores
  • Building

and More!


I also can program object-oriented based systems, though I’m not extremely advanced in OO areas.

What I CAN’T do.

  • Animate
  • Advanced UI Design
  • Art or GFX (not yet)


I’ll take a percentage if:

  • The game is already completed, and you just need some bugs to be fixed.
  • The game is nearly done, and you have a decent player base.
  • The game is completed, and you just need me to make content updates.

After I am paid, I have a couple of warranties:

  1. For a week, if you find anything I missed or forgot to do, I will do them for you (within reason)
  2. For an entire month, if you find any bugs with the asset I provided, I will fix them. I may extend this timeframe for certain individuals.

I’ll usually finish your asset in 1-3 days, depending on complexity.


I will respond to Discord the fastest, but you can also contact me here on the Dev forum.

Signed, :expressionless:

Currently at school, add me on discord in case I forget to contact you. I might perhaps have something for you to do which I am in need of.


I am on it Viken. Signed, :expressionless:

Could you make me a mobile keyboard, basically add like buttons, like for pc it’d be q to summon something, but on mobile there will be a q button, or is this above your talent so far? I also need a map,

Ok, can do it for the map.

The keyboard can do but it might take longer.

Signed, :expressionless: