Map builder, moderator and Qa testers (3-5) for hire!

I need testers to test my game (super Roblox odyssey). (Warning the house is mine and is still in beta.)

What you will receive (QA testers)

A pay of 1k Robux as a whole every month.

A QA tester Exclusive badge and icon at your name.

And a QA tester rank in the group.

What you will receive (moderators)

A pay of 2k Robux as a whole every month and moderator perms (ban and reward)

Exclusive badge and icon at your name.

What you will receive (Map Builders)

A pay of 3k Robux as a whole every month and an exclusive badge and icon at your name.

In the event that I do not have enough Robux, I’ll divide it into halves.

signed, :expressionless:

Which one would you want to be? (pm me with an application)
  • Qa tester
  • Moderator
  • Map builder

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here is my portfolio

How is a Roblox profile a portfolio?

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sorry, I tried my best.

I wannabe a mod, but what would the application questions be? Btw it wont let me vote

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I’ll do my best to make a application with some questions

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I cant pm u, ur profile is hidden, but here- Q- will you abuse? Awnser- no, each action will be reasonable, Q: will you stay active?, Awnser: yes. Q: Will you use appropriate language, Awnser: yes, Q: will you abide all of the high ranks rules and rules added to the game? Awnser: indeed

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Ok, Kayden you’re hired, and the admin menu command is >banmenu.

My profile is- meblec.

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okay, ima invite you to the discord on Friday.

testing is good for the game!

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ok change of plans QA testers and mods message me on discord at aeo#5957hqdefault (1)

I sended the request. My name is vastav