Made a spritesheet iteration script

Hey guys I been working on something cool recently which I am really proud of.

I have made a script which plays with a spritesheet’s offset on a Texture and makes it look like a gif.

I have really fell in love with my script and my method that I have made a game for it. (no builds yet, still in progress)

Here is what it looks like



Maybe this is just my iPad, but the video has an error.
Cant wait to see it! :slight_smile:

“content not found”

@dan @Noob

Ah sorry I accidentally deleted the file while cleaning my laptop files. I’ll put it back up when I get time to record it.

Edit: Implemented the video to my post.

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Wow, that looks so cool!

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Woah I cant wait this to be in a game imagine like people making theaters how did you made it?

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Cool is it switching frames?

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@Noob @DeveloperUnknown
Yes, I took the time to make a spritesheet out of the gif on a website then switch every frame so it looks like a scene.

I can’t wait to see theaters use this technology.

That would be an example of my spritesheet. I would iterate through the first( top left) to the bottom (bottom right) which would make the gif scene. Of course doing it all on a Texture object as you can’t do it in another way I’m aware of. (well guis work too)

Cool thats epic you are an incredible Dev

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I feeling depressed now because I wrote up that complicated script involving so much math and Roblox just comes in my face being like. “Kaboom! We have released VideoFrame, too bad for y’all who tried reproducing it.”.

On the other hand, it also simplifies the process of making the video.

You shouldn’t worry about video frames coming out; you have basically created them before they even came out!

But the creation is not worth anything anymore.

You shouldn’t worry about that, you should be happy that you remade a Roblox feature that came out after you remade it.