Logo Design Contest - Calling all artists!

We need all our artists out there to help us design a new logo! The winning logo will be featured on our website for a day! And, if we think that your logo is SUPER good, then we might consider making YOUR LOGO the new logo for our site.

  • The size of the logo must be 512 x 512 in order to be accepted/used.
  • The winner will be required to provide 2 versions, one normal and one with a transparent background.

All submissions can be submitted by replying to the post with your logo. If you don’t want someone to steal your creation, then add a watermark. You will be required to provide a non-watermarked version if you are chosen.



Hey, ConnectDev Team. I made this:
I also used Pixlr X It’s an online photo editing software. :smiley:

Hope you like It :slight_smile:

(Also can i be a staff for connectdev?)

I made 2, i didn’t really know what kind you wanted, i used a avatar off of my fav dev who was banned.


Another logo

I give you permission to use these logos in any certain way, and incase of anything you want fixed on the logos, this message me! Enjoy :>

You can use these logos in any way you want :3

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Couldn’t make it 512 because i couldn’t tell the size, but i will if i win , its doubtful tho, i will make it the 512 size, but if it already is, then epic, i wouldn’t know.

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I made sure it was a square tho :3
Please, no judgment!

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Why should we create a logo for free don’t even mention “exposure”? If you want something high quality you might want to add a reward.

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@CoreRBLX like it said above you have to provide 2 versions.

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It’s just for people who wants to join the contest.

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For the same reason some staff work here, it’s just voluntary.
What’s voluntary can give you experience working in a field, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.