Just some strange question about flagging

Why is it not possible for me to flag a staff?

lol pretty dumb but very questionable.

I am weak against his dirty reply

Ay thanks for any explanation if there are any!

Is it from Discourse’s side??

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I don’t know. And also why do you think @dan’s answer is dirty?

Hello @Viken good question. You should now be able flag staff posts in case you have an issue with it. Staff should not be exempt from flagging just because they are staff. It is a site setting. @rushknight message Dan if you have any problems with his post.

For more information on flagging see this topic

I hope this solves your question,

Enjoy your day!

Ay thanks a lot! flags

@rushknight because dan is big brain. I can’t argue against his very smart stuff.

lol not dirty

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