Isle Gameshows hiring Hosts and Corporate Assistants

About the Group

Group Link:!/about
Isle Gameshows is the next Gameshow group on the ROBLOX platform. We strive to offer the best experience for our staff and players.

About the Team

Founder - msami789

Details on the Job


As a host you will be attending Gameshows and running them. We have various gameshows planned including Extreme Wipeout, Swordfight, The Amazing Race, and more.
You will be told how to run the Gameshows and will be given full training.

Corporate Assistant

As a Corporate Assistant you will be split into one of the groups:

  • Staffing (in charge of staff applications and promotions/demotions)
  • Human Resources (in charge of alliances)
  • Administration (in charge of making sure that operations like gameshows are running smoothly.

You will then do whichever group you are split into, as an assistant. You can then over time get promoted to Corporate Team and above.


  • Must have proper English, and able to use proper grammar.
  • Must have a Trello account.
  • Must be in group.
  • Must be able to follow rules and have a good moderation standing.


Contact Msami#3783 to apply.

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