In need of donations! Are you interested?

Would you donate to the site via paypal if:

  • You were given a special role on the site and discord.
  • You were given a shoutout.

The team is having issues keeping the site alive due to not having money, Discourse hosts the site for free but we have restrictions like only 5 staff and a certain amount of site views. Mason and Boop both have no money to spend on ConnectDev as we have to keep our money for real life stuff too.




I’d do anything to support ConnectDev!!


I want to donate, but I don’t have paypal(or any other online payments system that supports online money transfers) account

I want to donate but I cant cuz of my currency… I only can donate a small amount of robux lol

I can’t donate because I’m not enough to be taking a card but I do have a idea that is to sell merch. Selling merch could make the process much easier I think

Like real life merch?

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Yeah maybe for donos or for atcuall merch people can buy this can really help advertising connect Dev I advertised this site sneakily to some people in Dev forum


Can’t donate because I have not get my debit card yet.
But I’ll try advertising.

Man? Nobody Is active… What happened?!?

Is this site abandoned?

We aren’t dead, nobody really talks on the site. We have activity in our disc server though.

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