Ideas to start an roleplay game

Hello, I need some ideas on what I could add to the roleplay game.

Like the kind of mapping and original ideas or that you like

All ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

How about a club? A pool chilling area? A system where you can buy a house?

Usually to keep the user entertained I would make areas where like you can spend in game currency to do things.


Good ideas i will consider add it :slight_smile:


Maybe a big, open world GTA-type game?


I think you can add something like battle zone but role play . Like if you are playing for sonic you have super speed or if you play for mario , you have smash hammer .


Yes a big map with quest and somewhere easter eggs

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Yes too, like add some powers to the teams. Good Idea

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How about events that base of in real events

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true like @Viken the link @DeveloperUnknown Ideas to start an roleplay game

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