Get featured in a game for free

I’m making a home store for my group ae$thetical clothing!/about
and I need some people to put in the game, provide me with your username and your profile link below if your interested in being featured.
anyone who does not include a profile link will not be accepted

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 12.40.13 PM
featured boop! :eyes:


Don’t mind if I do;

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@lexi I added you and @boop_xyz will add nachowars21 next


That’ll be great!

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Unfortunately I can’t use your character due to the body type it has, and that doesn’t work with the module I’m using to animate the characters.

Username is 0therw0rldly

To who is that message?

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Ello! Here’s my profile link don’t mind my avatar it looks groos

technically nobodys avatars on roblox is gross, so yours included is still pretty cool!

main post: profile

I’ve seen that you’re making something

yeah, i have been!

still 30 chars damnit