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Hoping this is the right place. My son would like someone to create kind of a spin off to fantasy life where you can join the military after you have grown up and go off to basic training .

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This is the perfect place for that, please create a post in #partnership:hiring about the game in detail and some of are awesome devs might help!

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Hey there, I’m Mason, one of the staff members here at ConnectDev.

If your interested in someone helping to make the game then #partnership:hiring is the best place like DevHiguy said.

You can also find help on developing games here, this posting category is to get insight and assistance on an already developed (or work in progress) game. In #partnership:hiring is where you can find someone to make the game for you.

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any more assistance.

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ok, I can. signed, :expressionless: