Game randomly sending error 267 after a while


Before I begin, I just want you to be aware I’m not sure if I have posted in the correct category.

Alright, so I been experiencing Error code 267 in my game and It’s really bugging me at this point. There is a kick message saying “Client has been disconnected from the server”. I have read through the internet and found a few ideas to the issue but can’t seem to overcome and find the issue.
It usually occurs 5 hours after the server has been started from what I have seen.

I have read a thread mentioning this:

Error 267 roblox is relatively common than you think it is. Many users have repeatedly mentioned or more precisely complained about this issue. Basically, ROBLOX is not responsible for this error. Rather the main reason behind this error is due to an illegal insertion of script by the game developer. Whenever a game detects suspicious activity from a player, ROBLOX tries to prevent hacking/ exploiting by simply kicking that player out of the game.

So, I been thinking it’s an issue on Roblox’s end as well as mine.
The error actually crashes the whole server and not just me. I’m thinking it’s an issue with scripts in game inserted by another developer?

Can you post a screenshot of the kick message?

Either that or you inserted an unwanted portion of a script that came with it.

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I did not think of taking a screenshot of it oops.

Did this happen in Treacherous tower?

No, it’s been happening in my game like rarely.

It’s probably a virus in your game or something.


No, it’s not. I’ve see this issue in multiple games including Bloxburg and treacherous tower.