Friendly Reminder

Hey guys! Just wanted to remind you to keep it on subject and no swearing please. Thanks!

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Maybe a rules thread would be useful :+1:

There is its in #information :slight_smile:

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I can’t find a no swearing rule on CD FAQ/Guidelines
I think we should be able to say lighter swear words, but idk :man_shrugging:

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I’m pretty sure you can say damn hell etc.

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Can we say words like the f word, s word, a word, stuff like that? (not tryna get warned for saying them) as they are lighter swear words.

I think swear words should be fine, if used in a non-offensive manner and not overused.
Your able to swear on the actual developer forum without action being taken against your account.

That was a long time ago, any posts containing expletives over there are now eligible to be flagged.

Pretty sure a community editor and for a long time PA wouldn’t break the rules.

It’s allowed if it’s not directed to a user, and if it’s not in a public section.

I’ve known Colbert for some time, the only places he’d use words like that would be specific situations like these, I’ve already read every reply in that thread and it’s a very serious matter.

I guess words that aren’t too explicit, and of course given they’re used with reasonable - moreso appropriate context (such as in the screenshot you posted) should be allowed, logically.

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