Fellow developers: What motivates you to develop?

Kind of related to development, but:

Fellow developers: What motivates you to develop? Is it money? Is it fame? Or, is it just the sheer love of development.

Also, please recommend how I can stay motivated to work on projects and such if possible!

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I like to sell things and earn money/robux.
I always for some reason feel satisfied when I see that robux coming into my account.


Cause it’s fun lololol
Although I do plan to have indie game development as a career

And also it’s just nice to brag about being a dev xdddd


General players is amazing how popular the games are and how many users are playing I can’t imagine how proud I will be if my games have like millions of people in it I will very proud I don’t need money

You earn money by doing what you love. That’s basically it

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i just develop for my friends. nothing much else

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I dev to inspire and power imaginations

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The feeling that you could get popular one day. It may take a long time, but it could eventually come.


The experience that you get from building, scripting, etc.:slightly_smiling_face:

And most important

The payoff from it.