[FEEDBACK] Spaceship flight (WIP)



Again, it’s a WIP. I will add more GIFs onto this soon to provide more examples of how this works. It currently has acceleration, a bit of drift (so you don’t automatically stop when you stop pressing W), and it can go up and down (still trying to fix a bug, will post about that later!).

Please provide any constructive criticism you’d like to!


Holly moly this would fit PERFECTLY in a SCI-FI game if you can control it would be so nice I have no problems at all 100/10

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Nvm you can it looks so gud tho

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You might want to add a public test place for this, because I feel like I cannot properly criticize the movement and how well it feels to control without trying it for myself.

Overall, looking good!

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Looks nice, I expect special effects aka particles later on.

Kinda giving me no mans sky vibes.

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I am making a sci-fi game :slight_smile:

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Yo! That’s actually the type of game I’m making!!

Do you know anyone that’s good at in-game vfx like special effects and stuff?

Plane mechanics seems so weird but only think I liked is the spaceship model thats awsome keep going :+1:

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Hm, what’s weird about it?

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like firstly every plane uses mouse controls keyboard controls isnt a good idea for planes in my opinion also you can make plane a bit smoother

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Well, I only really did keyboard controls because:
1: Not entirely sure how to do mouse controls and,
2. I want it to be able to tilt side-to-side when you press z or x- can’t really do that with mouse-only controls.

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Can’t you just make it wherever you move your mouse, the plane will fly that way?
Take War Thunder’s planes for example.

Well, again, I do not know how yet. And, also, I want keybinds so that you can press z or x to tilt.

You can use the mouse’s lookvector.

Still, I’d like some keybinds so that the ship can be easily tilted with z or x.

You can use Crazymans plane kit

I prefer not to use other people’s models or scripts for my things - I may use it to learn, but not actually use it in a final product.

I mean thats a useful resource about mouse control basically it just uses mouse.hit its not that hard you can get mouse controls from that plane kit

Alright, can I have the link? Also, again, I don’t think only mouse movement would work well for tilting the ship sideways and stuff.