Egg Hatching System 2

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I don’t really have that much to say about me except a kid that likes simulators

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I need a egg hatching pet system


100% of the game for a month or 80 robux

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Message me on here :slight_smile:

Didn’t Alvinblox, the youtuber made a tutorial on that? I didn’t test it myself, but still.

I tried doing it I just never worked for me :confused:

It’s possible, that could happen. Since no youtuber is always correct. I will try to find some other way.

And also TheDevKing made a video on that. I don’t know if it works.

@DevHiguy what kind of hatching egg system? One you buy, or one that is hidden and when you touch it, it opens?

One that you buy. With the like egg you press E it opens and it adds to your inventory.

I don’t like the devkings because it doesn’t have a pet inventory and it just make a part next to you and doesn’t even follow you.

Contact me on Discord, I can help you out. Law#8753