Don’t you agree?


I call it Programming, Scripting, and Coding

I agree! (btw it even happens to me sometimes just keep working lol)

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YES! :100: somethimes I type a code from another youtuber and worte it and it’s doesn’t work.
Then I found the problem and I LOVE CODE LOL

I have something else that is relatable:
You work on a project, day by day, and everything is working.
Then, you have 5 minutes until you have to go sleep, but you have a bug. You start researching on the DevForum and StackOverflow and see your error. But then, the post owner replies with: “Oh nvm fixed it” with no explanation.
You go to sleep, and you think about it while your in bed, giving you a “mad” feeling.

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Dont agree, i put time into programming.

Time to make a double reply :sunglasses:

So @Noob I was trying to make a data saving script from AlvinBlox and somehow it didn’t work, then I watched his “How to make a sword fighting game” video and the data code worked so I was so happy LOL

So @dan once I was trying to make a volcano script, and the solution showed no code, whatsoever, so I had to make my own topic continuing the discussion from that topic.

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I agree 15 chars

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