Cxrrupted Is hiring a Programmer!

About Me

Hello, Cxrrupted Is hiring one new programmer, Long-Term for our team.

About The Game!

The game will be called Sword Quest, A game where you can unlock new swords at a new level, Collect EXP, Level Up, Fight bosses and more

Things you will script!

  • Leaderstats
  • Boss Fights
  • Weapons
  • Crafting System
  • Trading
  • NPCs That Follow You / Attack you
  • Sprinting
  • Etc

Services I’m looking for

I’m looking for 1 Programmer, At least 6 months experience, And, This will be long term.


Me - UI/Building/Game Design - 50% Game Profit
You - Programming - 50% Game Profit

Contact Me

Here, On the Forums, Or Discord. CorruptEquality#1669

Have a good day! :smiley:

There is a few working tutorial on all of those.

for paying what if the game gets no profit, what if its a failure?

Most of them are bad though

Yeah…that could happen, so people usually takes robux(and not percentage).

Some are. But, some still works

I prefer not to use them, since they can be inefficient and ruin my coding style of the game

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Will you tell us your team member? (your choice)

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That make sense.

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I do Not accept percentage, sorry

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I’ll give you all your assets back.

Programmer :slight_smile:

Your group name is cxrrupted?

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People hire people not for them to follow a tutorial, essentially giving them a free model. They hire them for original code.

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I know that. But, I’m telling him that he can make one on his own.

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I know, But this project Is way too massive to do alone.

No, My group name Is Cxrrupted, @Noob

He will make a free model, which I am sure he doesn’t want.

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True. 15 chars.