Content Creators? Helping ROBLOX Grow?


Hello fellow readers! I’m Kayden, Content Creator & Game Creator, I’m quite well known in the ROBLOX Community!

Content Creators?
Content Creators are people who do videos on games in ROBLOX, they also can do other things like sharing promo codes and continued

How are they helping ROBLOX Grow
Most of the people who watch Youtube dont play ROBLOX, But once they find a ROBLOX Video they become interested in playing the game, not only that, they are interested in sharing the video/game to play with friends, laugh and enjoy their time together!

Is it better paying?
Indeed Content Creating is better paying, since your not only being paid with billing, but your being paid with star codes and by YouTube!

Could This Also Ruin ROBLOX?
Truthfully, it could… But its a big IF, because if you act responsibly and follow the TOS, you wont teach Kids and Viewers to act differently and more disrespectfully, Thats why most of ROBLOX Players that have seen flamingo, has been more disrespectful and uncaring to the others, some might say flamingo is toxic, but i just see him as a bad ro-model

This is in the right category
Unfortunately there is no category to put this in except Lounge, usually in DevForum this ought to be in discussion.

This follows the TOS
Indeed, after looking through the rules 4 times I have succeeded to create this post, if it is closed it’d be for no reason.

Thanks for reading :cowboy_hat_face:
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Nice topic on Content creation! It was a nice 5 minute read for me. Keep up the good posts. :smile:

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Thank you…!!

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It is impossible to leak promocodes, only somewhat possible if you use an exploit and decompile the script which has a table with the promocodes.
I believe none of the current content creators do that, and if they even try exploiting then they will be canceled.
They only share promocodes, not leak promocodes.
Nice thread by the way!

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Usually youtubers enjoy making the leak videos, so they would wait until they come out, and right when they see it they will make a video before most people leak it

Sharing is basically leaking, they both are made to spread the word, like. “I just leaked the new saying -Live On For A Short Life-” i believe they have basically the same way just in different complex words, like “to be honest” could be “tbh” and “share” can be “leak”

We all have different ways to say words like “you all” but most say “yall”

Hoped what i said helped a little,

I will change it for you tho.

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