[CLOSED] TotallyTrustful | Scripter Portfolio

Decided to post my portfolio here, in case I take any job postings here.

About Me

Hello! I am TotallyTrustful / subclans. I am a 15yo scripter.

I have been programming on the Roblox Platform for about 2 years, and programming in general for 3 years.
I am currently fluent in Lua, Moonscript, and (somewhat) Javascript. I’m currently trying to learn Python.

What can I do?

  • Bug fixing
  • Add mobile support
  • Game passes
  • Datastores
  • First Person / Third Person gun systems
  • Interaction systems
  • Shops
  • Pets
  • Egg Hatching Systems

and More!

Go ahead and just ask me if I can do something for you. More often times than not, I’ll be able to script it for you, even if it’s not on here.

I also can program object-oriented based systems, though I’m not extremely advanced in OO areas.

What I CAN’T do.

  • 3D Model
  • Animate
  • Advanced UI Design
  • Art or GFX
  • Building

You’ll have to provide assets like Animations, UIs, and Models for me to be able to script anything.

I am trying to learn Building and Animation, but for now, I don’t feel confident enough in my abilities to use my own instead of assets provided by the contractor.


I don’t have a direct place file, but I do have videos of previous commissions and personal projects!

Previous commissions / projects

JoJo Stand Framework - Personal Project

^Loading Screen^
^Stand Framework (Animations not by me)^
^Ragdoll on death^

^Custom Animation Replication (Believe me, it took a while to get this right)^

^Anti-cheat, stops kill aura scripts no cooldown & lag switches.^

Uniform Equipping system for @WilfriedSchulz - 2K - 2 Days

^UI is mine, not the best, but it works^

A Check-In System for @Spen_z - 1.5K - 2 Days

A tank system for @Cixda - 3K R$ - 2 Days

^Gamepasses and Shop^
^Shooting and Damaging^
^Mobile Support^

Interaction and Disguise System - Personal Project

These are for a game I’m working on.

^Interaction System^
^Mobile Support^
^Disguising (Player 1)^


^Disguising (Player 2)^

Inventory System

Dress Up system with Shop for @Calilies - Don’t remember how much or how long it took

Loading Screen

The android analysis thingy from Detroit: Become Human? I’m pretty sure that was the inspiration to make this, not sure tho

Simple Day-Night cycle, sped up to make it more visible.

Holding and moving for unanchored base parts:

A FPS Framework scripted from scratch

Video is somewhat laggy, it was recorded with Roblox’s built-in recorder


My rates are generally fair to both parties and not fixed. When I provide an estimate on how much it’ll cost me to do something, it is completely negotiable.

I only take commissions! If the asset will take a while to fully script, you can pay per milestone or all the funds after the script is completed.

You MUST have the funds readily available! I don’t take commission payments after the project is completed and you release, at that point it’s worse than a payment percentage.

I’ll only take a percentage if:

  • The game is already completed, and you just need some bugs to be fixed.
  • The game is nearly done, and you have a decent playerbase.
  • The game is completed, and you just need me to make content updates.

After I am paid, I have a couple of warranties:

  1. For a week, if you find anything I missed or forgot to do, I will do them for you (within reason)
  2. For a entire month, if you find any bugs with the asset I provided, I will fix them. I may extend this timeframe for certain individuals.

I’ll usually finish your asset in 1-3 days, depending on complexity.


I currently reside in California, and my Timezone is PDT. I will be going back to North Carolina soon, where my Timezone will be EST.
I am usually online from 10 AM to 8 PM (~10 Hours). I will usually develop for 6 hours a day depending on my plans for that day. Feel Free to contact me at any hour, though I usually won’t respond until the morning.

I will respond to Discord the fastest, but you can also contact me here on the Devforum.

Dude I need this so badd I’m making a game called “Egg Hatching Masters”

I don’t sell pre-built assets.
I feel like it adds a uniqueness to my assets every time, as I rebuild them completely from scratch and it’s fair to my commissioners as they will have the reassurance that I won’t just resell someone the exact thing I made for them.
I live by the “Sell Services, not Assets”

The 80r$ you suggested is a little to low, and 100% of the funds for a month isn’t something I generally take.


I have to reupload the video files to the post, just noticed that they didn’t port over.