Can't upload image bug (I think)

Hey I found out a bout a possible bug which idk if you have it or not so in this site you can upload pic and whenever I try to post one when click the button my keyboard dissaper and when I click again it won’t work what should I do? I’m mobile btw

This also applies to custom profile pics

I can easily do that on PC, I haven’t tested mobile. It’s probably your problem, since Mason and his team can’t really do much about it. Have you tried restarting your phone? What phone do you have?

I’ve restarted it and I have a ok phone from 2019 I think redmi note 8 it’s a ok phone it still isn’t working

Maybe you should wait, or you should restart your whole phone.

Works on android, samsung galaxy s9 plus.

they both just work for me try changing the image format like jpeg or png

No I just can’t lol when I click the button my keyboar goes down and I click it again still doesn’t work

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try using tenor or stuff like that you can add your photo’s preview by clicking gif section :laughing:

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