Can I trust ROBLOX Datastore?

My new game release is very soon and I’ve been having ROBLOX’s Datastore from the wiki can I trust this to not let exploiters data reset? A couple devs said yes but I need more proof before releasing my game.

Well, you should use DataStore2 - it’s a bit weirder to learn/use, but it’s definitely way more trustworthy. I’ll send the link here:

Yes, it’s the devforum, but it tells you how to use ds2 and it shows you where/how to get it.

This will work with pets right? I’m pulling an adopt me and adding trading pets, it’s a gun game and the pets help you kill people.

Well, yes, you can use it to save anything a regular roblox datastore can save - ds2 is just better at preventing data loss and such.

Thanks! I’ll look into it right away.

If your implementing a trading system I do not recommend DS2 in the slightest, unless you want to implement a session lock to prevent dupes.
I prefer ProfileService (Can’t send link because something, but you can find it on the devforum.), because it automatically does session locking for you, making it better than DS2 right off the bat.
It can also be used for things like global updates, which would be a pain using DS2.

To answer your original question, Roblox’s datastore is completely safe.
Exploiters can’t edit or reset data, as Datastores can only be used on the server.

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Ok! Thanks :smiley:

Then Da Hood must have a backdoor because they had a data reset.

Was worried same thing would’ve happened to me.

I’m pretty sure okeanskiy has a tutorial on profile service.

It worked! :slight_smile:


No problem! @TotallyTrust here deserves the credit, though!

I need to edit it to do some stuff to!

I’ll give him solution then!

Well they can; sorda.
Games can become backdoored if your not safe enough, giving users special access to server side commands in your game that you did not intend.
This being said, if backdoors are in your game, you are inviting exploiters to reset all the data.

Yeah, maybe use dan’s plugin to help you remove backdoors!

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Yeah, good idea. I actually didn’t remember about profileservice until he/she brought it up.

Probably unlike what happend a few days ago (I think) Roblox got hacked! The data store got erased for some people. Now they can choose whatever name they want, they even had some games admin/ moderation commands

That must be the scariest hack I’ve ever heard

Roblox doesn’t get “hacked”.
It’s servers went down. That’s basically it, just an outage.

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Bandites explained in his vid he did said it was a hack

Don’t trust everything you read or hear on the internet, unless it’s backed by creditable sources.
I can say I hacked into the CIA, yet that doesn’t mean in actually happened.


He showed prove of the hacks which cannot be edited happend in a livestream