Best Devfourm Alternative

This is the best Devfourm alternative hands down.

You cant tell me otherwise.



that is a very biased opinion

And an opinion nonetheless, can’t force opinions.

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doesn’t make my post incorrect

It really is a good alternative to the DevForum! Heh, I use this more than the Devforum now.

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Me, too. Actually, I use this more since I’m not a member(I think that’s what I should call it) in DevForum.

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Cool! Even though I am a member, I still use this more because of the amazing active community!

Well that is debatable. There arent many alternatives which use discourse so maybe

Whats a better DevForum Alternative?

you dont know, huh?

I know write this thing is SOOOO addicting

I totally agree! :joy:

I disagree, Stack Overflow is a much better alternative.