Avoid parts from flinging characters

I have a BodyGyro in a part which I need to avoid it from rotating constantly. There are no scripts, It’s only a part with attachments, ropes and a BodyGyro. When I touch the part with my character it just makes the whole thing fling somewhere I can’t even see it anymore. And when I remove the BodyGyro every time I take a step I get flung out somewhere.

So how would I make it so it does not rotate often as well as not fling my character away when walking and when touching it?

Here is a video demonstrating what I want and what is happening
robloxapp-20200816-1313278.wmv (2.8 MB)
Here is how the chain looks in explorer

The BodyGyro would be in the chain part the closest to the character’s neck.

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The video doesn’t exist or its private, but this is something you can fix with a script, theres other ways but i do it using scripts

Got any idea on what I can do with a script? I really think Body objects would be my best choice here. Or maybe avoid the character on moving too far.

You can make a script that stops it from rotating constantly, and u can make the character weight high for they cant get flung, each time they push the jump button the weight goes down allowing the person to jump but after landing it goes back up

I’ll give it a shot, I never though of using gravity o-o

Gravity is epic, space4life. Thats how i made a space game, and a floating platform with weight distribution

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I’m sort of stuck here and can’t figure out what each property do.
I have played around with the properties but none of them seemed to have been useful. I have changed density from 0.7 to 50 to 100 and so on but it had the same effect, it just does not let you even take a step.

You can add a block on the player if u dont want to script it, just wield a invisible block and change the weight of the block.

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