Allow all trust levels to edit their replies and posts

Currently it is counter intuitive on how trust levels work. Currently, if you have a low trust level, you are unable to edit posts, even if it’s your own.
This really doesn’t make much sense, because it punishes users that want to edit their post to reduce clutter.

For instance, lets say there is a user named Jim.

Jim is a good programmer, and frequently tak ees jobs and gets new experience in different areas.
Jim doesn’t use ConnectDev for discussion or reading, and only uses it for getting hired, so he is the lowest trust level.
He wants to add a sneak peak from a project he is working on, but instead can’t add it to his portfolio because he is still the lowest trust level. Instead he has to make a reply, which bumps the topic, and also may clutter it depending on how many times he has to do this.

I know you want to avoid being an exact copy of the devforum, but the devforum works for a reason. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel with some of these trust level requirements, when the devforum has been proven to work.



Right now in regards to post editing we run it on Discourse default settings. The reason that you can’t edit your post / topics of because your aforementioned contribution to the forum is older than 1440 minutes which equates to 24hrs. Additionally, this specific value only applies to TL0 and TL1 that means you fall into that category. That is the entire reason you can’t edit your post. In order to get TL2 (Member) you will need to be active such as liking, posting etc…

Hope this helped your mystery :+1:

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The reason is probably because if they say something bad and someone Investigate it they can change it and no one knows what’s wrong

Why you need edit a post after like a week or so

I’m pretty sure mods can see edit history, just like the original poster.

Still, my point remains.
The time limit should probably be removed, it doesn’t really help and still causes the same issues I brought up in the OP.

At most change it to maybe 3 or 5 minutes, as 24 hours is a crazy cooldown.

I agree, 24 hours just to edit a post? What if you said something that came out the wrong way? Backlash x100.

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Thank you for your feedback. You should always be careful of what you post anywhere. Once you said something, it is always out there. You can’t unsay something. Be mindful before you say/post something

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