Adding post approval


Well, this would prevent NSFW topics from getting out there, and ensure all topics are in the right place.


Well, people would have to wait for their topic to be approved and may get annoyed.


Little to no topics (not replies) breaking the rules, being in the wrong spot, etc.

Let me know your thoughts on this idea. I’m not quite sure it’s a good idea, but it’s worth putting it out there.

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That is a nice feature but people will get annoyed, for now just flag topics and we will review them!

We could have a team where users can ask where to post, am I allowed to post such?

Not approval but just to ask questions about posting, I’ll look at that.

Are @moderators and @trail_moderators will take care of that. You can also flag post. We get a alerts for that.

Alright, also quick thing - Trial Moderators is spelled slightly incorrectly! :open_mouth: #ImAGrammarPolicelolloolol

I’ve implemented @post_consent, users get this by being active on the site. More info will come out later on promotions.